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Season 6 – Episode 4 

Tackling Modern Attachment and Link Challenges in G-Suite, Slack, and Teams 

Episode Summary: With so many organizations migrating to cloud-based collaboration tools, Rob, Bill, and Nick Schreiner set out to tackle one of the most common challenges these tools can pose to ediscovery workflows: modern attachments and links. Tune in for a lively discussion of how attachments in tools like G-Suite, Slack, and Teams differ from traditional email attachments, as well as strategies you can use to address those differences in your current ediscovery program.

Nick Schreiner

Client Solutions Director, Lighthouse

Nick Schreiner has 14 years of experience in the legal technology industry spanning product management, operations, delivery, and sales support. He has designed and managed end-to-end managed services and ediscovery service delivery models. He managed and supported end-to-end ediscovery projects, designed best practice solutions, consulted on technology workflows and implementations.

Season 6 – Episode 5

The Convergence of AI and Data Privacy in eDiscovery: Using AI and Analytics to Identify Personal Information

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The podcast wholly devoted to pursuing the legal technology revolution. Co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell explore the impacts and possibilities that new technology is creating by streamlining workflows for ediscovery, compliance, and information governance.

Bill Mariano

Rob Hellewell