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Season 7 – Episode 2

Innovating the Legal Operations Model

Episode Summary: Legal budgets were stretched thin over the last year, forcing legal departments to focus on innovation and automation to improve efficiency and decrease overhead costs. In this episode, Julie Johnson of Align joins Bill and Rob to talk about this recent shift and how legal operations can adopt technology to help legal departments be more efficient.

Julie Johnson

Sr. Manager, Legal Operations, Align

Julie Johnson has worked in various in-house legal operations roles for the past six years. After spending 15+ years at a mid-sized law firm in the Bay Area, in various finance roles including billing (eBilling) and collections, Julie made the move in-house to eBay Inc. After five short weeks in that role, eBay announced their separation from PayPal and the company began preparing to split into two separate publicly traded companies. Post-separation of companies, Julie stayed a year with eBay before re-joining her former colleagues at PayPal. For the past 3+ years, she’s been with Align Technology, Inc. (Invisalign), where she was the first legal operations hire, brought on to put structure to all things legal and finance related, as well as bridge the gap between Align’s law firms, FP&A, and legal teams for more accurate accruals and to improve financial reporting.

As the legal operations function at Align evolves, the team is pursuing the expansion of its legal operations functionality and has begun to explore AI, ediscovery tools, knowledge management, and other ways to implement more efficient processes in support of their Legal & Regulatory Team. In light of Women’s History Month, Julie is proud to report that in all three of her career in-house roles, each of their legal functions has been led by a female CLO.

Season 7 – Episode 3

Efficiently and Defensibly Addressing Microsoft Teams Data

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