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Season 5 – Episode 5

Facilitating a Smooth and Successful Large Review Project with Advanced Analytics

Episode Summary: Large dataset projects are being addressed with the broadening use of advanced analytics. However, this is introducing another level of complexity into what is already a complicated and potentially stressful process. It is important to understand how technology can be effectively incorporated into the different stages of the project and how to communicate this information with opposing parties or regulators to overcome objections and obtain approval for its use. Notably, when agencies issue a Second Request, the benefits realized by incorporating technology can assist in complying with the requirements, but this can involve extensive negotiations. Listen in to learn how to create efficient and effective workflows and achieve successful results around large-scale review projects by combining the expertise and talents from each team involved (client, counsel, and service provider(s)) in an organized manner.

Adam Strayer

E-Discovery Analytics and Data Science Manager, Paul Weiss

Adam Strayer has managed the E-Discovery Analytics and Data Science group at Paul, Weiss since December, 2017. Prior to this role, he spent a number of years consulting in the E-discovery industry, primarily working with clients on large discovery projects involving advanced analytics. Adam began his career as an antitrust attorney in the Mergers II division of the Federal Trade Commission, and spent several years in private practice doing antitrust defense work at Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider. Today, his team at Paul, Weiss works closely with the firm’s litigation group to optimize its use of Relativity and other platforms, and to fully leverage analytics and technology assisted review.

Season 5 – Episode 6

Top Microsoft 365 Features to Leverage in Your eDiscovery Program

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