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Season 4 – Episode 1

Emerging Data Sources – Get a Handle on eDiscovery for Collaboration Tools

Episode Summary: Do you have a handle on how to manage collaboration tools like Slack and Teams within your organization? Until now, ediscovery data sources were primarily limited to email and cloud storage. As the modern workplace has evolved, collaboration tools have become a common way for employees to communicate. Listen in for tips on how to manage, collect, process, and review collaboration data for ediscovery purposes.

Ellen Blanchard

Managing Corporate Counsel, Discovery, T-Mobile

As Managing Corporate Counsel, Discovery at T-Mobile, Ellen oversees the full spectrum of the EDRM from information governance through production, depositions and trial. Her role includes working with a variety of business segments at T-Mobile in connection with Government inquiries and litigation as well as assessing Records Management practices and information governance across the company. For the last two years, Ellen has successfully managed the team responsible for responding to the numerous data and discovery requests related to the regulatory evaluation of the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. She is able to use her knowledge of the intersection of litigation, technology, discovery, and big data to work with all areas of the legal department on all phases of the EDRM continuum from records management to trial.

Prior to T-Mobile, Ellen spent 14 years as a litigator at Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP where she represented several Fortune 50 companies in a variety of complex litigation matters. She represented clients from a wide variety of industries including telecom, airlines, healthcare, petrochemical, and agriculture, in all aspects of the case lifecycle from early case assessment and litigation holds through deposition and trial preparation. Ellen managed all aspects of discovery including coordinating the use of technology for document production and review and preparing numerous witnesses for depositions and government interviews. She also spent 2 years as Associate General Counsel and Director, eDiscovery Consulting at Evolver Legal Services, counseling core clients to develop litigation plans and cybersecurity protections that included negotiating the scope of discovery as well as conducting early case assessment and understanding the options for review, including technology assisted review.

An active member of the Sedona Conference and Women in eDiscovery and a frequent speaker around the country, Ellen is at the forefront of understanding where discovery and cybersecurity are headed and is able to work with clients to understand their documents in order to implement an effective, efficient, and repeatable strategy that will deliver the best results during all discovery phases of litigation, while minimizing risk and reducing costs. 

Season 4 – Episode 2

Myth Busters - The Managed Services Edition

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The podcast wholly devoted to pursuing the legal technology revolution. Co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell explore the impacts and possibilities that new technology is creating by streamlining workflows for ediscovery, compliance, and information governance.

Bill Mariano

Rob Hellewell