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Season 5 – Episode 4

Effective Strategies for Managing DSARs

Episode Summary: Since the introduction of the GDPR, organizations with a European presence have seen a rise in the number of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). These matters are time consuming, costly, and not going away. The only way to reduce these challenges is by setting up a consistent and efficient workflow to manage DSARs. Tune into this episode of Law & Candor to hear use cases for automation and efficiency gains, as well as best practices for managing these burdensome matters.

Nicki Woodfall

eDisclosure Manager, Travers Smith LLP

Nicki is the e-Disclosure Manager for Travers Smith. Her current role allows her engagement with clients, internal teams, and third party providers. She has spoken on panels regarding artificial intelligence and machine learning at conferences such as the Nuix Insider Conference, Women in eDiscovery, and the eDiscovery forum.

Nicki is the head of the in-house resource supporting the Travers Smith teams specialising in the technology of e-Disclosure with the focus on project management, client and internal support, training, and technical difficulties.

Nicki and the eD team supports the Dispute Resolution team on litigations, the Employment and Commercial, IP, and Technology teams on tribunal based and Subject Access Request (SAR) disclosures; aligning the technology, appropriate workflow, and guidance throughout the matter. She further assists the Competition Practice with disclosure to regulators and technical questions.

Nicki has worked on a number of regulatory cases, large financial investigations, internal investigations, and assisted government bodies with review of documents, subject access requests, and technology focussed matters including Artificial Intelligence, neural translation, and cloud storage.

Nicki is a regular speaker and panellist for technology awareness sessions; her audiences have included that of the Judicial college discussing eDisclosure in England and Wales alongside the technology used to support the process and long-term implications associated with expanding data volumes.

Nicki is one of the founding members of the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists (ACEDS) and this not-for-profit role allows her to support the niche industry of forensic technology and e-Disclosure with educational seminars, documents, and training. She is also a member of the ILTA Special Interest Working Group for Litigation Support and eDiscovery of which created the ‘eDisclosure Exchange Protocol’, a document used industry wide.

Season 5 – Episode 5

Facilitating a Smooth and Successful Large Review Project with Advanced Analytics

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The podcast wholly devoted to pursuing the legal technology revolution. Co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell explore the impacts and possibilities that new technology is creating by streamlining workflows for ediscovery, compliance, and information governance.

Bill Mariano

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